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About Us


Soccer, the beautiful game. So simple, so pure, so free. It requires nothing more than two goals, two teams, and one ball. On the pitch there are no social, cultural or economic differences, everyone is equal – at least that’s what we’re striving for.

From our roots in the Canadian Rockies to the premiership stadiums of England to the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo, Hero Eleven Sports is changing the playing field of soccer sportswear.

Our mission is to make professional level goalkeeper gloves affordable to everyone from the aspiring professional to the signed professional. So no matter where you play or who you face, you can be the Hero.

The Team

Sebastien and Octavian are passionate soccer fans and amateur players rooted in Calgary, Alberta. Frustrated with the expensive, low quality, makes-your–fingers-ache-just-looking-at-them goalkeeper gloves on the market, they founded Hero Eleven Sports to challenge the status quo and truly level the playing field for goalkeepers globally.