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Glove Cuts


 Cut Advantage Fit Specifics Hero Gloves
Negative Gussets are located inside the glove creating a snugger fit and more dexterity for the hand. Control of the ball is more "true" to your hand  Snug. Nordic - Negative Cut
Hybrid A hybrid cut is a combination of cuts on one glove. For example, our Hybrid cuts are a combination of  Negative and Roll Finger cuts – Roll finger cut on the thumb, index, and pinky fingers for maximized ball to latex contact & Negative finger cut on the middle and ring fingers for enhanced mobility and fit.  Depends on the combination of cuts.  Blackout - Hybrid Cut
Roll Finger Roll Cut is the traditional goalkeeper glove cut. The fingers are attached to the back of the glove via a "rolled" or curved without the use of gussets. Roll Finger cuts provide more latex surface area for the ball to contact.  Slightly larger and roomier than negative cut gloves. Blackout - Hybrid Cut