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    1. Palm: 3.5+3mm German Professional Contact latex.
    2. Cut: Hybrid Negative/Roll Finger cut – Roll finger cut on the thumb, index, and pinky fingers for maximized ball to latex contact & Negative finger cut on the middle and ring fingers for enhanced mobility and fit.
    3. Backhand: 2D embossed Paragon design logo on 3+3mm German Special Soft coloured latex with 8mm nfu foam padding.
    4. Anti-Abrasion: Embossed Giga latex.
    1. Finger Protection: 5 Removable Flexi-Protect fingersaves.
    2. Wristband: 2D embossed full latex double wrap wristband with 3D logo pull-tab.
    3. Wrist Closure: Elastic wrist closure with Korean velcro.
    4. Pull loop & pull tab make it quicker and easier to get the gloves on.
    5. 6D Mesh fabric for enhanced breathability.


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